THE RESULT OF MY 2020 RESEARCH ON MARRIAGE BETWEEN THE CASTE AND DIALA. (More than 3000 divorce cases that occured in selected places in Imo State are marital problems between Diala and Diala! No caste is involved)

After conducting an extensive reasearch on successful marriage between the Assumed Dialas and the assumed caste in selected LGA in Imo State, I discovered the following:
1. That the couple , of different socio-cultural boundaries, who cohabit and marry out of their consent last long in Marriage

2. That the Diala who survives the pressure of marrying across boundaries enjoy lasting peace and Respect from the other side in marriage.

3. That “assumed caste” who witness the partners pressure gives him/her ultimate and maximum cooperation and support in marriage.

4. That all the courts ( I have visited in the Mbaitoli, Owerri, IKEDURU) that had the documents of divorce cases have no record of “divorce cases and the marital crisis between the Diala and the opposite socio-cultural mate!” Hence, all the divorce cases and marital crises occoured between “Diala and Diala!

I will like somebody to prove me wrong by conducting a personal research on marrital crisis and divorce cases across the socio-cultural boundaries in Mbaitoli, IKEDURU, and Owerri as a whole. You will be surprised to discover that the highest rate of divorce occurs among the assumed “Dialas”! If you doubt me try it. In fact , I have never seen a divorce case among the caste. And if you research further , you will also find out that men and women who marry across their socio-cultural boundaries “have relaxed mind with inner peace and lived happily in their long lasting marriage! I repeat , conduct your research this year and Prove me wrong before I publish my result


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