Ohaneze-Ndigbo Lagos Not in any Crisis

It has become very obvious that some elements among the Ohaneze- Ndigbo sociocultural organization, Lagos State has wants to rise issues were there are not issue.

The President Ohaneze-Ndigbo Lagos, Chief Solomon Ogbonna Aguene, is known as a man of peace with an excellent leadership style who had continued to carry the Ohaneze-Ndigbo along the activity of the state government and to keep the Igbo project I alive in Lagos he is the first Ndigbo President Lagos who has come publicly to support the Governor and rise the hand of the Governor up in support of all his activities in the state.

Chief Aguene, Is committed to the well being of the Ohaneze-Ndigbo in Lagos. He has not dabble into partisan politics but has given a lead way for Ndigbo in Lagos to be part of the political structure and architecture of the development of the Governor in Lagos State, tenure elongation rumour against the president is an act of sabotage to the good work that the president has done, even when is being called on by the people to continue with developmental activity and entrenchment of the Igbo community into the architectural structure of Lagos State. Chief Aguene, stated that the Constitution of Ohaneze-Ndigbo remain and the leadership remain rotational as stated by the constitution.

Some elements of Ndigbo in APC Lagos is trying to pull Ohaneze-Ndigbo sociocultural organization into what they no nothing about and attack the President Chief Aguene, who has been in the light of Ndigbo in Lagos.

Chief Aguene is committed to the Leadership of the Governor and has continued to provide leadership to the Ohaneze-Ndigbo Lagos to ensure that Ndigbo remain relevant in politics, APC, and committed to the course of the National leader of the party Bola Ahmed Tinubu.


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