Slovakia’s health minister Marek Krajci resigned on Thursday following pressure from the country’s four-party ruling coalition for the acquisition of the Russian-made vaccine, Reuters reported on Thursday. 

“Two coalition parties made my resignation a condition for them to stay in the coalition. In such a situation, I think there was no point arguing … I am not glued to my seat [at the ministry],” Krajci told a televised briefing. 

“I don’t want to obstruct in any way, so I am resigning from my position,” he told reporters. 

Krajci will be temporarily replaced by Minister of Finance Eduard Heger until the Prime Minister Igor Matovic’ Ordinary People movement (OL’aNO) decides the actual replacement. 

His move came as an attempt to defuse tensions in a country that was thrown into political turmoil, after Matovic bypassed partners and ordered shipments of the Russian Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine last week. 

Slovakia became the second EU country after Hungary to purchase Sputnik V for national use, without the approval of the EU drugs regulator, namely the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

“According to Prime Minister Igor Matovic, the Minister of Health is leaving the post not because he would corrupt or be corrupt, but as a man who anxiously protected people’s health and lives,” the Slovakian Ministry of Health said in a statement issued on Friday. 


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