Rt. Hon. Engr. Chinedum Orji the People’s Man, won THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SPEAKER OF THE YEAR following his actions of what he has achieved and how he’s touching the lives of Abia people and repositioning of the State House of Assembly.

From the emergence of Rt. Hon. Chinedum Orji, as a Member and the Speaker of Abia State House of Assembly, they have been clear development in the state and his constituency.

In a clime where legislators are mostly accused of doing little or nothing to lift the standard of living of their constituents, Rt. Hon. Chinedum Orji has proved to be a shiny exception as he has taken great responsibilities upon himself beyond just being a legislator to making visible and verifiable impact on the people of his constituency through his Direct Touch Initiative which has seen him assisting a lot of his people with the provision of electricity transformers, water boreholes, renovation of schools, health facilities etc. He has also gifted a good number of his constituents with empowerment items like grinding machines, barbing clippers, sewing machines, cars, tricycles, wrappers, cash gifts and scholarships to indigent pupils/students.

The Rt. Hon. Orji has constructed a 3-classroom block, water borehole, 3-room toilet facility at Loriter Pry. School. St Michael’s Pry. School, he renovated a classroom block, sunk a borehole and assisted in fencing the school. The story is not different for Amazukwu Girls’ Secondary School where Engr. Chinedum Orji reroofed some of the classroom blocks, built a toilet, sunk a borehole and redressed the field. The neighbouring Amazukwu Pry. School also benefitted from his borehole sinking project.

While at Methodist Girls’ High School, the lawmaker cum philanthropist donated a borehole, a six-classroom block and a toilet, he built one-classroom block and perimeter fencing at St Stephen’s Pry. School. Others that benefitted from his magnanimous service to the people are Union Pry. School, Afara Technical School, School Road Pry. School, World Bank Health Centre, World Bank Pry. School, World Bank Police Station and Central Police Station all within his constituency. He completed the Amazukwu Women Town Hall and the Umuwaya Village Hall whose transformer he also energized. Umuobasi, Amokwu in Ugba, and Ohobo in Afaraukwu, all benefitted from the lawmaker’s donations of transformers and boreholes serving the villages.

Beyond his immediate constituency, Abians from other constituencies also benefit from his magnanimity as Engr. Chinedum Orji does not discriminate based on any primordial conditions while attending to the needs of the people. To him, every Abian is equal and must be treated with dignity irrespective of their social status, class, political affiliation or religious affinity. There are, of course, many other services rendered and infrastructural facilities provided for the people that time and space would not permit to enumerate here.

If many other lawmakers in the country could be as dedicated to meeting the needs of the people the way Rt. Hon. Chinedum Orji does, no matter how little, thereby complimenting the efforts of the executive arm of government, the much talked about dividends of democracy would be more easily available and accessible to the people in both volume and value.

When Daily Global Newspapers visited the state as they did in other states of the federation in their bid to get the most successful Speaker of the year, it was overwhelming to know that Rt. Hon. Speaker was the Man of the people and the ways he has touch lives of the individual on the street and his connection with them. This and many others things made the Rt. Hon. Speaker THE MOST SUCCESSFUL SPEAKER OF THE YEAR beating all others to it.

The Rt. Hon. Speaker has touch his people’s lives beyond what they think of eith his continued representation, Abians are sure that the presence of Ikuku in the House will continue to ensure that the Abia State House of Assembly is peaceful, stable, cooperative with the executive and loyal to party manifesto and government programmes, without compromising legislative principles, for the continued progress, development and prosperity of Abia and her good people. Like he promised during the campaigns, his Direct Touch Initiative will cover a wider range and more people even beyond his immediate constituency are surely going to be reached.

With people like Orji, Abia State will have a greater enjoyment of robust inter arm-of-government-relationship, and PDP’s interests and manifesto will surely continue to be projected and protected in an atmosphere free from rancour and unnecessary hostilities.


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