The Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development has developed an information system for monitoring water transport on the Moskva River, Moscow Transport said on February 17.

“River walks are becoming more and more popular in Moscow. Every year, the number of leisure boats carrying residents and guests of the capital by water is growing. In the future we plan to launch a new type of urban transport – water transport,” the press office of Moscow Transport said. “In this regard, the city needs to create a control and monitoring system for water transport – this will allow us to monitor the situation in real time and promptly respond to any emergencies,” it added

The river transport monitoring system is an integrated automated system that allows to analyze the movements of all vessels that go along the river – passenger, cargo, small vessels. It includes 111 cameras on objects of water attraction – piers, bridges, bridge piers. Also, the system will allow transferring photos and videos to the departments responsible for monitoring and administering violations, as well as identifying illegal carriers.

“First of all, this system is aimed at transportation safety. What’s happening on the river today? We do not know what kind of ship, whether it has passed the technical regulations, whom it transports, what kind of cargo is transported. There are many unanswered questions now. Our system in real time allows us to determine the brand, model of the vessel, captain, company and a number of technical features,” the press office added.

The monitoring system tracks and records the rules of mooring, rules of approach, admission and violations of the speed limit of vessels. Subsequently, after the development of the monitoring base, it will be possible to act in a preventive way to prevent accidents on the water.



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