NUR-SULTAN, Kazakhstan – Kazakhstan has signed an agreement with the American company Pfizer and plans to start supplying a vaccine against coronavirus, Kazakhstan’s Health Vice Minister Marat Shoranov said on December 28.

“Today we signed a non-disclosure agreement with Pfizer and are ready to supply these vaccines to Kazakhstan by issuing special documents,” Shoranov told a briefing. According to him, the timing will depend on the production capacity and the company’s ability to supply the vaccine to the republic.

“All over the world we are talking about the so-called temporary registration of vaccine data. We have developed appropriate rules that allow registration, temporary registration according to interim reports of the third phase of studies. As for the Pfizer vaccine, in addition to strict requirements for transportation and storage of up to -70, also has a distinctive cost – it is up to two times more expensive than the same vaccine produced in the Russian Federation,” he explained.

Over the past day, December 27, ten people died in Kazakhstan with a positive test for coronavirus.  There are no deaths among patients with pneumonia.

On the eve, 11 deaths were reported, among whom 10 tested positive for COVID, one negative.

As of December 28, 22,480 people continue to be treated for COVID-19 (of which 10,358 have a positive test for coronavirus and 12,122 – negative. Of these, 5,058 patients are in hospitals, and 17,422 patients are at the outpatient level.

At the same time, the condition of 245 patients is assessed as serious, 48 ​​- of extreme severity, 42 people are connected to mechanical ventilation devices.  Over the past day, 733 new cases of coronavirus infection have been identified.


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