Union Bank might be heading into Liquidation, as outgoing GMD, Emeka Emuwa leaves unstable financial performance for his successor.


Daily Global News gathered that GMD Emeka Emuwa will finally be leaving Union Bank Nigeria after nine years of almost leading the bank into Liquidation.


Daily Global News learnt that GMD Emeka Emuwa who took over Union Bank in 2012, the year the company surpassed the hundred billion naira revenue mark will be retiring March 2021 with an unstable financial performance for his successor.


The Chief Executive Officer of Union Bank of Nigeria, GMD Emeka Emuwa served for nine years with so many promises of transforming the bank but was on able to do that, which has lead the bank to the worst state, living the bank to struggle for survival.


According to a document titled, “CEO Emeka Emuwa to Retire After 8 Years

Board Appoints Executive Director, Emeka Okonkwo, as Successor”  Emuwa’s retirement will take effect on March 21, 2021, with Emeka Okonkwo, an Executive Director for the Bank‘s Corporate Banking business, appointed to take over pending approval from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).


Daily Global News recalls that GMD Emeka Emuwa had joined Union Bank following Union Global Partners’ $500 million investment into the oldest bank in Nigeria, with the mandate to transform Union Bank into a respected financial service provider, however, under his nine years tenure, the bank has seen little improvement in the competitive banking industry.


Union Bank was not able to compete with the likes of Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), United Bank for Africa (UBA), Zenith Bank, First Bank and several other major financial brands and the competition had reduced the financial opportunities available for Union Bank to take advantage of, as its rivals are more fancied for banking transactions.


Union Bank’s Financial Performance Under GMD Emeka Emuwa, are stated.


Union Bank which was established in 1917 and listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in 1971 was handed over to GMD Emeka Emuwa as the CEO in November 2012.


At the time GMD Emeka Emuwa took over, Union Bank generated NGN112.7 billion as at Year-End 2012, entering into the hundred billion naira revenue mark, with NGN86.4 billion as Operating Income.


Nine years later, GMD Emeka Emuwa will be exiting with NGN166.5 billion as gross earnings generated for the year ended 2019 (according to last Financial Year Report), while Operating Income for the period is NGN95.1 billion. Within the nine-year period of the GMD Emeka Emuwa tenure, the Operating Income has been fluctuating.


Operating Income: In 2012 year-end, Union Bank reported an Operating Income of NGN86.4 billion, the figure declined to NGN69,8 billion in 2013 after Emuwa took over, however, the Operating Income rebound a year after hitting NGN95,3 billion.


It, however, suffered another drop, declining to NGN71,9 billion in 2015, and rising slightly to NGN77,04 billion and NGN80,3 billion in 2016 and 2017 respectively, but still well below the Operating Income Union Bank reported prior to Emuwa’s take over.


The company finally surpassed the 2012 Operating Income, after recording NGN93,8 billion and NGN95,1 billion in 2018 and last year respectively.


Gross Earnings:

2012: NGN112,7 billion;

2013: NGN121,3 billion;

2014: NGN135,8 billion;

2015: NGN117,2 billion;

2016: NGN126,5 billion;

2017: NGN163,8 billion;

2018: NGN145,5 billion;

2019: NGN166,5 billion.



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