There is a scientific and technical group in Kyrgyzstan that monitors trials of COVID vaccines around the world. A batch of COVID vaccine is planned to be allocated to Kyrgyzstan, but for 20% of the population, Sputnik – Kyrgyzstan reported, quoting head of the Public Health Department of the Ministry of Health, Ainura Akmatova, as saying at a briefing on December 8.
According to her, a working group has been created in the country that deals with vaccination issues. In September, Kyrgyzstan joined the Global COVID-19 Vaccine Availability Mechanism (COVAX). “There is a certain portfolio of vaccines, about eight drugs are being considered. Now two vaccines are undergoing the third and fourth stages – Moderna and Pfiser. As part of the project, in which more than 90 countries participate, Kyrgyzstan can receive a vaccine to immunise 20% of the population,” Akmatova said.
She added that the scientific and technical group on immunisation is monitoring the development of vaccines in Russia, Turkey, China, and other countries.


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