Nigeria is a nation of over 200 million and mostly dominated with young people of average age between 18 and 45.

The estimated number of youths is 140 million
of which is over half of the total population of the Nigeria state, with many of these young Nigerians having various forms of educational background.
These young Nigerians form a larger number of the nation, and economic development and growth remain within these young professionals who are ready to take up the world with their knowledge and power.
But these young Nigerians are asking their government for enabling environment to do businesses and be sure that they are safe while in their father’s land.
The recent #EndSARS protest that rocked the nation Nigeria, came as a surprise to the government of Nigeria. It has shown youths’ readiness to take up the government for proper accountability of governance which the country is in dire need of.
It has left no one in doubt that the young Nigerians are now becoming aware of the state of Nigeria and are ready to ask questions which the ruling class most provide answers to. This is because it’s in doubt that this has come in a way, that is changing our political structure, with the political elites not knowing what may happen to their political career in little or no time.

Many of these politicians, who has been in power for so many years are looking for a way to mentor younger people so that they will remain relevant in the game of politics, because the protest has brought many of these younger ones to the limelight, that the youth has all it takes to take over governance from this corps of politicians.
As we can see that this event taken a new dimension, with the recent #EndSars protest and escapade of these young Nigerians, these and many in the coming days, because it will completely change the political system of this great this nation Nigeria in the coming days.

The young Nigerians must also show that they are prepared to take up governance from the present leadership come the next general election.
They need to start working on their political structure now, to enable them take over leadership. They have to come together with one voice as they did in the recent #EndSars protest which has passed a strong message to the government.
The youths must now speak with one voice and come up with candidates for the interest of the youths in general and once they can achieve this, the youths will become the next leaders of this great nation that has been sleeping all these years.


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