Following the recent attack on the Nigerian police, the Inspector General of Police, IGP Mohammed Adamu NPM, mni, yesterday encouraged Police men that they should put behind them the #EndSars protest, which was hijacked by hoodlums and led to the lost of lives of Police Men and properties of the Nigerian police force.

Adamu, urged his men to brace up for the duty, policing and securing Nigeria.
Adamu, briefing journalist in Lagos after meeting with Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, he also encourage police personnel not to be discouraged by the unpresidented events, the IGP reminded the police personnel that the training which they had has prepared them for such risks.
With the killing of policemen and burning of several police stations across the country by hoodlums that hijacked the protests of #EndSars, police brutality, members of the Nigerian Police had become demoralised, this has led to the police men to stay off road duties, despite appeals from state Governor’s for them to return to work. The IGP has come to encourage his men and ensure them of their safety and that of their families which was affected too, they are now be ordered to return to work.
The governors had announced a rash of incentives to compensate the families of the dead among them and promised to alleviate their sufferings through improved welfare packages and rebuilding of their razed stations.
Adamu, was on tour yesterday in Lagos to the affected police commands and other formations to assuage their feelings, lift their morale.
“Lagos seems to be the epicentre where the incidents took place. The amount of destruction is more in Lagos than in any other state. I am here to commiserate with the governor of Lagos State and the people of the state on the amount of destruction to public property and private businesses.
Adamu said, my visit is also to see the police stations that were destroyed and talk to officers and men of the Nigeria Police and encourage them not to be demoralised by the events that took place where they were attacked and police stations destroyed”.
“They are specially trained to take this kind of risks because, by the nature of police job, they are exposed to this type of risk. Now that this has happened, it shouldn’t discourage us from performing our constitutional duties, he said.
“Apart from the police stations destroyed, private businesses were destroyed; even the palace of Oba of Lagos was destroyed. I would urge the citizens any time you want to undertake a peaceful protest, it’s important to set up a protocol in order not to allow miscreants to hijack the protest. The moment you allow that the intent of the protest will be defeated as in the case of this peaceful protest we witnessed.
Adamu, said no nation will be able to bear the loss as we see in Lagos. Even it will take a long time.”
Adamu decried the massive devastation left in the wake of #EndSars protest, noting that regrettably, it was engineered by fake news.
The IGP was in Lagos with other senior officers to assess the impact of the damage done by hoodlums, who hijacked the #EndSars protests.
The IGP started on-the-spot assessment from Makinde Police Division in Mafoluku, where the station and barracks were burnt by hoodlums in the community.
From there the IGP and the other senior police officers moved to Orile Police Station, and then Ebute Ero Division after which the IGP move to assess the damage at the Iga Idunganran, the official residence of the Oba of Lagos.
The IGP also visited the private residence of Oba Rilwan Akiolu where he had a private session with him before moving to the Ikoyi, Police Hospital to see some of the policemen injured during the #EndSars crisis.
At the state Police Command Headquarters, Lagos, the IGP recapped the incident that led to the protest, recall that it was engineered by fake news over the supposed death of a civilian in Delta State.
Adamu said: “The #EndSARS protest was engineered by fake news that came out of Delta State where the local security outfit called Operation Delta Safe in routine stop-and-search accosted some individuals.
“Out of guilt, one of them decided to bolt out of the vehicle and an individual who wanted to spread mischief took a video of the incident and posted it on social media that the police had killed somebody.
“That led to protests in Delta State and in the course of our investigation, we found out that nobody was killed and SARS was not involved.
“But then with the use of social media, everything went so wide to the extent that Lagos picked it and it became a serious matter; it became the epicentre of the EndSARS group that started in 2017.
“They resuscitated it and came up with the campaign against #EndSARS. They came with five demands and after about four days of protest, the authorities acceded because it could lead to reform of the SARS itself.
“Our expectation was that after that, they would leave the streets but they did not. Every security agency knows that when people come out to protest without observing the protocol; you stay too long on the streets protesting, there is always a tendency for protests to become violent.”
Commending the policemen, IGP said: “When the police are viciously attacked by hoodlums in this manner that we have seen, the tendency is for the police to be provoked and they have the power and capacity to repel.
“But you showed maximum restraint by not using maximum force to repel the miscreants that went about destroying property and killing people here and there.
“That restraint and resilience you have shown has shown that no amount of provocation will lead you to give credence to police brutality.
“That has turned the table against the protesters and everyone knows that you were professional in handling the protests, which subsequently turned violent.”
Adamu, acknowledged that in every organisation there must be few that are bad.
Reconnecting the president’s speech in support of the police, Adamu said: “The vast majority of men and women of the Nigeria Police Force are patriotic and committed to protecting the lives and livelihood of Nigerians and we will continue to support them to do their best.”
Adamu, also charged the policemen not to be disturbed or demoralised by the events that took place, adding that they were specially trained to take such kind of pains “because by the nature of policing, you are always exposed to danger.
“Now that this has happened, it shouldn’t discourage us from performing our constitutional duties. It is true that some of them, their morale has been dampened but the visit is to encourage them not to relent in performing their constitutional duties to protect lives and properties,” Adamu said.
The destruction at the palace of the Oba of Lagos, Oba Rilwanu Akiolu, extended to virtually all parts of the compound with his property looted while the cars and buildings were vandalised.
To further desecrate the palace, the hoodlums defecated in the throne room.
Speaking to the press during the IG’s visit, Prince Adeoye Olumegbon, younger brother to the Oba of Lagos, said the damages were much.
He disclosed that the original staff of the Oba wasn’t stolen.
Also speaking, Prince Aremo Akiolu, first son of the family, said the Oba was probably attacked because of his non-tolerance to hooliganism, adding that they are not going to change him.

Meanwhile, the state Commissioner of Police, Mr. Hakeem Odumosu, appealed to IGP to further enhance better service delivery with the provision of anti-riot equipment and non-lethal weapons.
He urged the IGP to consider and approve posthumous special promotions for the police personnel who lost their lives to the Lagos unrest.

Odumosu further appealed to IGP to make additional anti-riot equipment and four water cannons available to the command to make the management and control of riots easier and more professional.



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