The Chief Executive Officer of RichLife Africa Project and the founder of Uncle Bernard Restaurant Mr Modestus Bernard, in Lagos has a fresh mission to end poverty in Nigeria and Africa. During an interactive session in Lagos, the experienced Chef unveiled the modalities of achieving his mission of providing food for the hungry population of Nigeria. Innocent Eneta of Daily Global News reports

Without doubt, the number of people without food has continue to grow across the world, looking at the statistics of people living in extreme poverty in Lagos which is currently at 45.5%, the world population living with no food, and the increase in number of people in extreme hunger and starvation across the world will make one to wonder if there is hope in insight concerning this challenge.
David Beasley, World Food Program Executive Director, in a report on Global Food Crises Report, warns that, without assistance, the number of people “pushed to the brink of starvation” will double to 265 million by the end of 2020.
Another report, HungerNews, (2020) exposed the lurking danger in Nigeria. According to the report, Nigeria is not left out of this global challenges, because the country has over 60% of people nationwide who live below the poverty line which means that many cannot afford food. With the growing number of insurgency and unrest across Nigeria and in addition to natural disaster which was course by flood slipping through farms in different states of Nigeria, it has become obvious that the nation of Nigeria is likely going to plug into starvation and food scarcity in little or no time.
RichLife Africa Project has the answer to this challenge and they are already working and providing solutions to that effect with PROJECT SAVE THE HUNGRY which the management has design to cater for such people. Modestus Bernard the CEO of RichLife Africa Project and the founder of Uncle Bernard Restaurant in Lagos, said “that hungry is a major causes of so many social vices in the country and if that is taken care of, so many problem facing the nation will stop, many politicians are taken advantage of the hunger and are manipulating the people”. Bernard the CEO of RichLife Africa Project and the founder of Uncle Bernard Restaurant in Lagos, has been in food business since 2014. He knows the importance of food to humanity and what lack of food could cause, with the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bernard at that point knew how difficult it is for many Nigerians to have food not to talk about good food”. “RichLife Africa Project has noted that poverty in Nigeria has made it impossible for many Nigerians to feed, but they believe that everybody should have access to food whether you are poor or rich, because food should not be by chance as many Nigerian are already in that situation”.
RichLife Africa Project “believe that bringing people together will help in providing food to the people that are hungry just like they did with non-governmental organization, Ileoge Women’s Initiative, in ensuring that Nigerians are properly fed during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic”.
Responding to the Covid-19, RichLife Africa Project, “through Project Save The Hungry provided food to millions of people in Lagos, in partnership with Ileoge Women’s Initiative”. RichLife Africa Project, has developed a three points agenda to END POVERTY, END HUNGER, END UNEMPLOYMENT with the programme called Project Save the Hungry which is their business model by providing food and making many millionaires. In addition, Bernard said “Project Save the Hungry w10 billion would be raised through strategic contests, fun and entertainment. There will be votes. 100 million votes would be required to complete the circle. A vote costs N100. In the end, 200 students will get N5 million each. The overall winner will get N100 million.
Richlife will not only conquer hunger but will arrest youth idleness through this robust engagement. There are consultants that will help winners to invest and become successful entrepreneurs.”
To feed hungry Nigerians free, Bernard stressed that “50 percent of the N10 billion will be utilized for free feeding using agents called ‘Evangelists’ as distributors.”
He added that “30 percent would be expended on the channels deployed in raising the funds while 20 percent goes to Richlife Africa Project.” Nigerians are advised to participate in the business of providing food and also making money from it, using RichLife Africa Project business platform which takes care of hunger. It’s open to students in all Nigerian university to key into and end the problem of hunger while they are in school. It also gives them the chance as a student to be employed and become millionaires. The official launching of the programme will be announce very soon by the management.


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